Sacral Chakra Healing Music


A free flowing Sacral Chakra (otherwise know as Svadhisthana in Sanskrit) will help us feel creative, passionate, sexual, outgoing, spontaneous, playful and open to change. By balancing this Chakra we can release toxic emotions that hold us back from creating what we want. I created the music composition “The Spirit of Creativity” by using a free flowing intuitive style of play in the musical key of D Major. Music in the key of D will assist the healing of negative emotions associated with being disconnected to this energy centre. The music also has background sounds to help energise and re-balance the Sacral Chakra energy centre. For example, the Svadhisthana responds to the element of water. The Sacral Chakra also opens and reacts to the Bija mantra VAM and vowel OOO. So I have added some of my own vocal recordings to the soundtrack.

Here is the video which contains the music you can purchase here. The meditation process is also demonstrated in the video.

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