Here on Musicenergetics you can find:

  • Intuitive piano music designed to restore the natural healing frequencies of the mind and body.
  • A series of guided video meditations with healing background music.
  • Informative articles and videos about the health benefits of using sound healing music with meditation.
  • Advice on how to use the power of your voice, various sound healing tools and musical instruments to enhance your wellbeing daily.

About me

My name is Paul Darren Grout. I am a Healing Musician who creates meditative piano compositions which aim to restore the natural healing frequencies of the mind, body and spirit.

I use my experience as an intuitive musician and energy healer along with my in-depth knowledge of the human energy field, chakras and how the brain processes sound to create music recordings that aim to uplift health, mood and energy that is out of balance.

I also create videos and articles on various topics on how to use music, sound and meditation as therapeutic healing tools.

I welcome you to explore my work on this website and I hope that what you discover here supports your specific healing needs.

If you have any questions about my work or this project you are welcome to contact me.

In the meantime, I wish you health and happiness. 


Paul’s gift of music and energetics is extremely effective and extremely healing.

I listened to Paul Grout’s Aura Cleansing Meditation Music piece first, and felt instantly relaxed, and in a theta brain state. I knew then that his musical gift was something I needed more of. As a Medical Intuitive, I am very sensitive to vibration, intention and of course sound. Paul’s, music is extremely effective at helping you to let go of the day’s tensions and slip into a meditative state. Not only that, but you can feel the loving intention, and healing vibration behind his music. This particular, aura cleansing piece, really made me feel lighter and brighter, as well as extremely grounded. I highly recommend Paul’s work and music to everyone. You will feel amazing afterwards!

If you are a highly sensitive person, or just someone looking to relax into a meditative journey, you will love this energy healing music.

Keri Fulmore

Medical Intuitive

Paul’s passion for his musicality is wonderful for he is truly gifted and has produced some beautiful pieces of healing Chakra music. It touched my heart when I experienced a live performance at the Mind- Body – Spirit show; it was gentle and very beautiful. Keep up the good work.

Astara Ariel

Shamanic Practitioner/Shamanic Teacher

Thank you very much Paul. I found your music soothing and calming. I really value you sharing so much love and kindess with me and others who will definitely benefit immediately. I look forward to hearing more of your music.

Joanne Rams

Thanks Paul, I played this video for my son who was stressing about his computer. We acknowledge that the music relaxed him in a couple minutes. Magical!

Thank you, Paul, I feel very blessed to have found you today on Adam’s Intuitive Health solution’s site….I’ve NEVER felt energy so in harmony with my own nature. Thank you. Blessings on your work.

Deirdre Mckeown

The experience has help shift my into a more peaceful way of being. It was at his home in a cabin at the end of his garden. I have found it hard to get into the Theta state normally, but this gently coaxed me into it and doing the chants of the Chakras really helped. I been listening to your website again and the wonders of it are unraveling for me – it’s so beautiful. Thanks again.
Matt Headgrate

It was great to meet you and have a chat before going in to your Live Demonstration. The Demonstration was superb in that I found it totally relaxing and I was able to do my Breathing Exercises whilst Meditating. I thoroughly enjoyed Your Music and found Your Voice Overs extremely powerful. In conclusion I will happily recommend You to everyone and I will be purchasing some of Your Work, very soon, with more purchases to follow as and when it is needed.
Martyn Jackson

Amazing, very healing and peaceful. The voice has a very positive and healing vibration. Thank you for the amazing experience.

A calming voice that made you feel relaxed. This together with the music took you to a space that was for you. Felt really calm and relaxed at the end of the live music session.

A soothing voice which brings you calmness and peace.
Cecile Rainsford

I attended a live meditative piano session to balance the chakras with Paul at a Holistic Fair. The music was fabulous and I could feel the vibrations throughout my body. It was very relaxing and felt amazing.

The piano sounds take you to a deep level of rest and healing.

Daniela Horder

I attended a live meditative piano session at a fair. Paul is a very talented piano player and his calming music allowed me to go deep into mediation, the way he plays takes you on a journey of peace and tranquility. He also incorporated balancing the chakra into the session and has a very medative and calming voice. I felt balanced and calm at the end of the session. Thank you very much Paul.

Shelley Axten

I went to the Paul’s healing music session at The In Good Spirit fair and I absolutely loved it! It lasted 45 mins and was meant to balance the chakras. It was really interesting when we got to the heart chakra I felt a pain in my chest, when we got to the throat chakra I felt tingling in my throat to the point that I had to scratch it several times! My 7 year old son loved it too, he told me that he felt like drawing something while listening to the music and he did different drawings. It would be really interesting to know exactly what it all means, but I will definitely listen to Paul’s music again as I think I might need it!

Alessia Lertola

Paul is amazing! I attended his workshop and was blown away! I loved the piano playing combined with healing chakras, I felt it was so powerful, it touched my soul and I was crying, good tears to help me heal and release. Thank you so so much for the healing, I am so grateful. It was a fantastic experience. I highly recommend meditative piano sessions. Look forward to the next workshop.

Dee Survarna

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