About Music Energetics

Hello there and welcome

Music Energetics aims to inspire people to use the power of Music, Rhythm and Sound as complementary healing tools to transform, restore and strengthen their emotional and psychological well-being – in order to increase their productivity and bring more harmony into their lives.

The videos, articles, guided meditations and variety of musical recordings available on this program aim to provide comfort and support for people recovering from Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Bereavement and Trauma and other health challenges.

The website is particularly for people who believe that complementary medicine is important to consider as an adjunct to traditional medicine.

It’s a place where you can:

Experience calmness and energetic rejuvenation by listening to high vibrational and relaxing music.

Receive guidance to identify how to use music, rhythm and sound to address different concerns and heal the emotional wounds of the heart and soul.

Become part of a community and engage with people who enjoy sharing their knowledge and experiences on how music supports their well-being.

Learn how to use musical instruments to best support your own healing journey and experience more self fulfillment on a daily basis.

Receive tailor made music specifically developed for your own healing needs. Subscribe to the newsletter or read the Healing Musical Signatures page to find out more.

Download music solely created for the Music Energetics Community from the Healing Music Library

About me

Hi there, my name is Paul Darren Grout and I am the creator of Musicenergetics.

I am Quantum Resonance Healing Musician with 30 years musicianship and 10 years energy healing experience.

I have gained qualifications associated to The Healing Trust (NFSH), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Coaching) and Quantum Touch Healing.

I am also an experienced live performer having entertained people within a variety of music venues including holistic social environments and 5 Rhythms Freedom Dance classes.

I have devoted myself to this project to provide an opportunity to support people with their healing journeys by combining my intuitive energy healing with Creative Flow music creation.  I have been studying and mastering ways to innovate music on the spare of the moment – visit my website www.creativeflowevolution.com for more information. I therefore, enjoy creating freestyle flowing music without any pre-practice, which is why I am able to create Healing Musical Signatures for people.

To provide a brief explanation as to what I do; I basically identify the sounds and rhythms, which correspond to certain emotional responses and then use this information either to create pieces of music, or to list suitable music for the healing of all kinds of emotional and mental states. My aim is to best support and uplift a person’s health and mood by selecting the correct music or sounds to heal the energy that is out of balance.

My story

My musical journey started at the age of 11 when my mother encouraged me to have Piano lessons. I had real burning ambition to channel my creativity. Music opened the path of opportunity for me in many ways I never thought possible.

Music has brought so much to my life and has greatly assisted my overall well-being. It has allowed me to discover more of who I am and I absolutely love listening, studying and creating music that makes me feel good.

Having lost my parents at a young age – my journey has been emotionally challenging. Music has always pulled me through the worst of times and brought joy when it seemed that nothing else could.

Having studied many healing practices over the last 10 years (as a energy healer) I have a discovered ways to incorporate my healing practice and knowledge to the music I create.

My aim is to create a community of people who will support each other with their musical healing journeys.

So I look forward to connecting with you 🙂

Paul Grout – Quantum Resonance Healing Musician







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Meaning: unlimited healing possibilities through Music, Rhythm and Sound.

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Disclaimer – Please read:

Our music, videos and guidance has been designed to contribute to your general wellness, it is not meant to replace any medical or psychological treatment or consultation. If you have a serious medical condition, please consult your doctor.

Please do not use the music whilst driving or operating machinery.

Also do not use our products whilst under the influence of alcohol or any other mood altering substances, whether they are legal or illegal.

Remember to never listen to brainwave entrainment sounds & music if you fall into any of the following categories:

Under 16 years of age
Are pregnant
Wear a pacemaker
Suffer from seizures of any kind
Are driving or operating machinery of any kind.