Dogs can often remind us of the power of forgiveness and support us emotionally and psychologically. I have created a music video to honour the relationship between humans and dogs that has existed for thousands of years.

The intention of the video is to help you connect to the uplifting emotions of having a loving dog in your life. For example, if you happen to be in the process of deciding whether to bring a dog into your home then the video could help spark your imagination for what a dog can bring to your family.

I have created a soft piano version of the classic pop song Time After Time (originally written and performed by Cyndi Lauper) as background music for the film. The song represents loyalty and unconditional love which dogs are always willing to provide to their owners.

When you watch the video notice how the still images turn into motion film clips which synchronize with the variations of the song’s melody. I have also included some inspirational quotes about the relationship between humans and dogs.

Press the play button on the below image to start the journey.

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What a dog brings into my life

I have a Chihuahua called Angelica (see image below) who is two years old.

I grew up with dogs throughout my childhood, so it is wonderful to have a dog back in my life after so many years. There is certainly something magical about having a dog. Angelica is always ready to bring love, comfort and fun to my day.

Angelica loves listening to piano music.

If you enjoy this video you may also enjoy the Silent Movie with Piano – Finding Myself in My Own Dance which also stars Angelica.

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Your valuable feedback for the Relationship Between Humans and Dogs video

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Do you have a dog? If so I welcome you to tell us what a dog brings to you in your life.

Music and video created by Paul Grout. Copyright © 2017 ·· All Rights Reserved.

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