The Throat Chakra is the energy centre that governs the strength of our voice and creative expression in the world. However, when the Throat Chakra becomes blocked through emotional upset we may experience high levels of frustration because we can find it difficult to express our true feelings, needs and desires to other people. To help you to heal and re-balance this energy centre I have created a 5 minute Throat Chakra Meditation Music Video available for you to watch below.

A free flowing Throat Chakra (known as Vishuddha in Sanskrit) will help you heal the emotions associated to the inability to express your opinions and true feelings to other people. Healing of the Throat Chakra can also help release tension and ease pain in the throat, jaw and neck areas.

If you are unfamiliar with Chakras, these are energy portals in the human energy field that receive and transmit energy and act as gates through which our life force flows in and out of our physical bodies.

The creation of the Throat Chakra Meditation Music Video

The video I have created contains music, sounds and images to help energise and re-balance the Throat Chakra. For example, the Vishuddha responds to the colour of dark blue and also reacts to the Bija Mantra ‘HAM’ and the soothing sound of Crickets singing at night time.

I created the music composition ‘Awakened Expression‘ by using a free flowing intuitive style of play in the musical key of G. Music in the key of G will assist the healing of negative emotions associated with being disconnected to this energy centre. I have also added my own vocal recordings of the Bija mantra to the soundtrack.

My personal journey

I was very shy throughout the majority of my childhood. In fact, I can still find it difficult to connect to other people for this reason. The healing attention I give to my Throat Chakra greatly assists my self expression. I also find that vocal activities such as singing, chanting or sharing my feelings openly with people, are self empowering.

I now spend quality time healing and re-balancing the main seven Chakras on a daily basis, and I achieve this through meditation, vocal toning and listening to Chakra healing music.

Ready to relax? Play the video

When you play the Throat Chakra Meditation Music Video (click on image below) maintain a connection to the energy centre by holding your hand/s on the base of the throat whilst imagining loving energy being received in this area. Focus your attention onto the blue symbol that floats in the centre of the film whilst breathing in a slow, deep, gentle and natural rhythm. The video will guide you through the process.

Click on the below image to start the journey and enjoy. 

  Watch in high definition to best experience this video (5 minutes in length).

Click on the below image to start the journey and enjoy.

Mobile phone: First play the video and then place your mobile phone into a landscape position for the full screen effect.

PC Desktop: Expand the screen by selecting the small white square located on the bottom right corner of the video.

Use the white clog to adjust the HD playback setting if required. The highest HD setting you can use is 1080p.

Download the Music

You can purchase and download any of the music tracks shared on this website by visiting the website’s music shop.

Your valuable comments for the Throat Chakra Meditation Music Video

I welcome any feedback you wish to share within the social area below. In particular, I would be interested to know how effective you found the video. I look forward to responding to you.

Music and video created by Paul Grout. Copyright © 2018 ·· All Rights Reserved.

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