Sacral Chakra Healing Music Video

Sacral Chakra Healing Music Video

The Sacral Chakra supports our life force for creation, recreation, and procreation. However, when the energy center becomes blocked through emotional, mental, physical or spiritual disturbance we may feel overly emotional, or emotionally repressed. We can experience states of resistance about asking for what we need, and so not tending to our own desires. I…

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The Relationship Between Humans and Dogs

The Relationship Between Humans and Dogs – Relaxing Music Video

Dogs can often remind us of the power of forgiveness and support us emotionally and psychologically. I have created a music video to honour the relationship between humans and dogs that has existed for thousands of years. The intention of the video is to help you connect to the uplifting emotions of having a loving…

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The Benefits of Singing Bowls

The Benefits of Singing Bowls for Health and Meditation

If you would like to introduce sound healing into your life, a Singing Bowl could be a great instrument for you to start with. The benefits of Singing Bowls are so vast that now days they are often prescribed as therapy tools by alternative health practitioners and have become increasingly popular within western society for…

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5 minute meditation music video

5 Minute Meditation Music Video – The Heart of the Rose

If you have a hectic lifestyle (as most of us do) a moment of uninterrupted silence and personal space can sometimes feel like a special retreat. Although for some of us it is a challenge to even dedicate the quality time needed to fully relax, unwind and recharge our batteries. So I have created this…

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Third Eye Chakra Meditation Music Video for Calmness, Intuition and Sleep

The Third Eye Chakra allows us to see life accurately as it connects us to our intuition and inner wisdom. However, when the energy center becomes blocked through emotional, mental, physical or spiritual disturbance it can affect our sense of direction in life. We can also become creatively stagnant because we can hold onto negative…

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The Health Benefits of Drumming video

The Health Benefits of Drumming for the Body and Mind

If you are seeking the opportunity to start developing a musical talent which in turn also enhances your health – get yourself a Drum. I find that even 5 minutes of active drumming provides a safe and constructive way to release stress, anxiety and even anger. The rhythmic practice helps me develop a deeper sense of…

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Heart Chakra Music for inner peace, self love

Heart Chakra Music for Inner Peace – The Gift of Self Love

Whenever you feel stressed, overwhelmed or tired after looking after the needs of others or following a busy day of work it is important to set aside quality time to relax, rejuvenate and experience inner peace and self love – even for a few minutes. I have therefore, created an original piano track entitled ‘The…

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Silent Movie with Piano

A Silent Movie with Piano – Finding Myself in My Own Dance

Fear of judgement can often hold us back from creating what we truly desire in life. Whenever we lose connection to our authenticity, ingenuity and creativity it can sometimes feel as if life is contained within a box, where there is no escape. Taking brave steps to walk out of the box and keep moving…

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Music to help grief

Soothing Music to help Grief after the Loss of a Parent or Parental Figure

If you have lost a Mother or Father or even both parents because they have passed on from life, my heart deeply goes out to you. The loss of a parent or parental figure is never an easy experience, however old we are.  I would like to share with you my piano music to help…

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Root Chakra Healing Music – Roots of Self Love

I have created a piano track entitled “The Roots of Self Love”. This Root Chakra Healing Music has been developed with the intention to allow the listener to feel more grounded and supported during times of distress and anxiety. The music video available for you to watch (below) contains images, sounds and music specifically created to…

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