I have created a piano track entitled “The Roots of Self Love”. This Root Chakra Healing Music has been developed with the intention to allow the listener to feel more grounded and supported during times of distress and anxiety.

The music video available for you to watch (below) contains images, sounds and music specifically created to energise and activate the Root Chakra, or otherwise known in Sanskrit language as Muladhara.

If you are unfamiliar with Chakras, these are energy portals in the human energy field that receive and transmit energy, and act as gates through which our Life Force flows in and out of our physical bodies.

Sometimes Chakras can become blocked due to physical, emotional, mental, traumas or spiritual disturbances.

A free flowing Root Chakra connects us with vitality to feeling supported and having a sense of trust and acceptance of who we are. For example, how we look and feel about ourselves.

The Root Chakra also connects us to having a sense of belonging in the world (with family, society and global community).  So for example, if we experience negative emotions about Relationships, Finances and Career it is a sign that this Chakra is unbalanced and will need to be unblocked.

I created this piano track using a free flowing intuitive style of play in the musical key of C Major. The Root Chakra re-acts and activates to the frequency of 256 hertz of which the Musical Key of C allows to incorporate within the composition.

The video also has complimentary sounds and images to help the viewer to feel grounded and supported.

When you play the video – allow yourself to maintain a connection to the Root Chakra (located the base of the spine, at the tailbone) whilst sending loving energy to the center. The Chakra is shown by a red spot within this picture.

To start the video – click on the below image to start the Root Chakra Healing Music Video & begin the healing journey.

Film length is 4:30 minutes.

To view the full screen version click onto the square located on the right side bottom of the video.


Download the music

You can download any of the music tracks shared on this website by visiting the website’s Music Shop.

I welcome your feedback for this Root Chakra Healing Music.

I would be interested to hear about any feelings you receive after listening to the video and welcome you to share your views within the comments box below.

Interesting: Did you feel any sensations or reactions to the Thunder Sounds? I personally find that the sound gives a nice opening feeling of the Chakra whilst listening. I would be interested to hear if the same happens to you.

Music and video created by Paul Grout. Copyright © 2016 · Musicenergetics.net· All Rights Reserved.

Please read the disclaimer available on this page.


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