I have created a Soft Relaxing Piano music track called “Nature’s Spirit of Creativity” as an uplifting and supportive companion for life’s many challenges.

“Life is a constant movement of spontaneous change. Either we resist it or keep moving – creativity is movement.”

Everyone has a unique life story and journey to pursue, and the intention of this video is gently remind ourselves that anything is Creatively Possible. Sometimes, all we have to do is sit back, RELAX and listen to the Heart of Nature to connect to who we are.

Watch this enchanting video for a 5 minute well deserved moment of Peace and Relaxation – listen to the soothing waterfall sounds & soft piano music, and through the positive suggestions feel yourself transform. The Words of Wisdom in the video describe how nature’s flow of creativity can inspire us to find FLOW in our lives.

The transformation to inner peace happens quickly because this video stimulates different senses simultaneously. As you listen to the waterfall sounds and soothing piano music, read the words of wisdom, admire the beauty of the scenes. Notice that you can almost smell the woodlands, and you may feel your mouth watering, almost tasting that refreshing spring water.

The video clips were filmed from the wonderful woodlands in Wales (UK) during my recent trips, using my phone. The piano soundtrack “Nature’s Spirit of Creativity” was created by me especially for this video.

To enhance the experience, open the full screen version of the movie and choose a high definition setting suitable for your pc’s capability. See the options located at the bottom of the video.


“Nature’s pure beauty evolves from its endless movement of creativity”.

Does nature hold the answers to all of life’s questions? If so what can nature teach us to help us discover our potential?

I believe that when we are connected to nature our senses become harmonised with the environment’s vibrational energy and frequency of sound. This is because we are a part of nature even if we are not consciously aware of it all the time.

So whenever we feel low, deflated or de-energised the best form of therapy is to connect to the green homelands by watching, listening and feeling the energy of nature in its purest presence. Listening to the wind and free flowing water sounds provide a powerful way to sooth the mind from the daily stresses of life.

Nature’s flow for survival can show us that anything is possible. The only limits that bound us are those which derive from our mind’s choice of perception for the unique life experiences inherited to us by the universe (for reasons of higher purpose).

The Secret for Creating the Video & Original Relaxing Piano Music

I produced this piano track whilst watching the playback of the video in its early form creation. I LOVE performing with a FREE FLOWING STYLE of play whilst expressing the music with heart felt emotions. The aim was to create something which demonstrated nature’s tendency for being creatively unpredictable.

I imagined myself being present within actual scenes in the video (I call this conscious visionary creation) whilst recording the music at the same time. Creative visualisation has always supported my creative flow as a musician, because it’s all about being present within the moment of the experience. There is no musical script for this track because it was played and recorded upon it’s time of creation.

I captured the images and videos from my simple Samsung Galaxy mobile phone during my recent trips to Wales within the UK.

I believe that when we are passionate enough about something (as I am with nature) the flow for perceiving and capturing its beauty becomes almost spontaneous. Whilst walking through the amazing countryside it felt like I was instinctively taking the shots at the right moment. This was because I was relaxed, being present and loving the experience.

Love Nature to Love Life

Whenever I go out for walks within the countryside I listen to the wonderful, mysterious & harmonious sounds it creates. If you listen closely enough you can hear the rhythm of life, which is extremely therapeutic. Nature helps me feel in harmony, grounded and appreciative of life and the world I live in

I believe that when we consciously return love to our green homeland environments, (by giving it the nurturing attention it desires) we become more spiritually grounded and connected to our higher selves. This in turn empowers our greater capabilities to pursue what we desire in life. This is because nature in its purest form is an endless movement of creation, and we are part of its forever growing evolution.

So what are your thoughts and feelings on this subject? I look forward to replying to your comments.

Please share with anyone you feel would enjoy and most of all keep creating what you love.

Music and video created by Paul Grout. Copyright © 2016 · Musicenergetics.net· All Rights Reserved.

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