The Third Eye Chakra allows us to see life accurately as it connects us to our intuition and inner wisdom. However, when the energy center becomes blocked through emotional, mental, physical or spiritual disturbance it can affect our sense of direction in life. We can also become creatively stagnant because we can hold onto negative beliefs of the past and fear what the future holds. I have therefore, created a Third Eye Chakra meditation music video entitled Healing Dreams available below.

A free flowing Third Eye Chakra (otherwise known as Ajna in Sanskit) will help us connect to our imagination, intuition and self awareness. It is also a good energy center to re-balance if you experience sleeping difficulties, thyroid or hormonal imbalances. For example, the Ajna is connected to the Pineal Gland (a tiny endocrine gland found in the brain) which secretes the hormone melatonin, a serotonin derived hormone which helps regulate the sleep and wake cycles.

If you are unfamiliar with Chakras, these are energy portals in the human energy field that receive and transmit energy, and act as gates through which our life force flows in and out of our physical bodies.

I created the composition Healing Dreams using a free flowing intuitive style of play in the musical key of A Major. Music in the key of A will assist the healing of negative emotions associated with being disconnected from intuition.

The video also has complimentary sounds and images to further support the opening of the Chakra. For example, the Ajna responds to the color indigo and the activity of Star Gazing. I also recorded a vocal mantra “SHAM” and a Tibetan Bowl chime. A mantra is a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation. Mantras are also used to create transformation. The healing mantra for the Third Eye Chakra is SHAM. Tibetan Singing Bowls are an ancient healing technology which produce sounds that naturally assist Chakras to self correct .

When you play the Third Eye Chakra meditation music video (click on image below) maintain a connection to the energy center (located between the eyes on the forehead) and imagine the Chakra opening whilst receiving healing energy.

You can play the video and listen to the music when preparing for sleep. If you would like access to the music (by itself) please subscribe.

Keep an eye out for the magical nocturnal creature that appears towards the end of the film. Watch in high definition to best experience the video (length is 5 minutes).


The Creation of the Music Video

I originally created the music video for a friend of mine who is recovering from complex post traumatic stress. So the video was developed with the intention to help increase my friend’s serotonin levels and further strengthen her connection to her intuition and life purpose through regular use of the video. We both decided it would be a good video to share.

Download the music

You can download any of the music tracks shared on this website by visiting the music store.

I welcome your feedback for this Third Eye Chakra Meditation music video

I would be interested to know how you feel after watching the video. For example, did you experience any sensations or reactions to the Tibetan Bells and Vocal “SHAM” mantra?

I welcome any feedback within the comments box below and I look forward to responding to you.

Music and video created by Paul Grout. Copyright © 2017 ·· All Rights Reserved.

Please read the disclaimer available on this page.


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