If you are seeking the opportunity to start developing a musical talent which in turn also enhances your health – get yourself a Drum. I find that even 5 minutes of active drumming provides a safe and constructive way to release stress, anxiety and even anger. The rhythmic practice helps me develop a deeper sense of harmony and clarity of the mind. The drum is a simple instrument which can provide great healing benefits to the mind, body and spirit. Did you know that drumming stimulates both hemispheres of the brain to create whole mind activation so you can be both creative and logical? Drumming is therefore a powerful brain development activity that also supports emotional and psychological health. So in this video I would like to share with you the following:
  1. How drumming contributes towards my personal health and happiness
  2. The amazing effects of drumming on the brain
  3. Tips on buying a drum and how to start learning the artistic practice
So lets get the drum rolling 🙂 Click on the below image to watch the video and enjoy!


Resources to help you find a local drumming group.

Depending where you live you can find a local drumming group by performing a search on Google or another search engine using the keywords Local Drumming Group or Local Drumming Circle. Most websites will show a programme of events with instructions on how to join. Here is a good example http://harmonicinspiration.com Your valuable feedback for the health benefits of drumming video I welcome you to share your comments or feedback on this subject. Perhaps share with us what drumming does for you. I look forward to replying to your comments. Video created by Paul Grout. Copyright © 2016 · Musicenergetics.net· All Rights Reserved.