Throat Chakra Meditation Music


If you are experiencing difficulties with expressing you needs to other people, here is a Throat Chakra meditation music track especially for you. The Throat Chakra known in Sanskrit as Vishuddha is connected to self-expression, communication & speaking the truth. When this Chakra is out of balance we can find ourselves frequently frustrated that we cannot get our needs and desires met because we cannot voice them. When the Throat chakra is balanced, we can heal the emotions associated to the inability to express our opinions and true feelings. Healing of the Throat Chakra can also help release tension and ease pain in the throat, jaw and neck areas. My music composition called ‘Awakened Expression’ along with the specifically chosen background sounds will help you to harmonise and balance your Throat Chakra.

Here is the video which contains the music you can purchase here. The meditation process is also demonstrated in the video.

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