Heart Chakra Music – The Gift of Self Love


Whenever you feel stressed, overwhelmed or tired after looking after the needs of others or following a busy day of work it is important to set aside quality time to relax, rejuvenate and experience inner peace and self love – even for a few minutes. I have therefore, created an original piano track entitled ‘The Gift of Self Love’. The purpose of the music is to allow the listener to experience a moment of uninterrupted space to relax, recuperate and connect to a stronger sense of self love and forgiveness. The music was created with a free flowing style of play within the musical key of F. The reason why I choose the musical key of F to represent this tune is because the Heart Chakra resonates to this musical key. Healing this Chakra with the help of music, opens your heart to loving yourself and having gratitude for all that you are. As your own self love strengthens you will naturally feel more compassionate towards other people as well.

Here is the video which contains the music you can purchase here. The meditation process is also demonstrated in the video.

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