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The Gift of Forgiveness Music

The Gift of Forgiveness Music
The Gift of Forgiveness Music

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The Gift of Forgiveness Music

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When we forgive ourselves and other people we allow greater opportunity to focus our emotional strength on creating what we truly desire in life. Forgiveness is an essential ingredient for world peace which we naturally desire to contribute towards.

Unresolved anger and resentment for either ourselves or other people will always drain our psychological and emotional strength – one way or another.

When we release anger and resentment we can in turn experience less inner resistance and re-direct our emotional attention towards creating what we desire.

I created the piano music using a free flowing intuitive style of play within the musical key of F. The reason why I chose the musical key of F is because the Heart Chakra resonates to this musical key.

Healing the Heart Chakra with the help of music, opens your heart to loving yourself and having gratitude for all that you are. The more love you give to yourself the more compassion you will naturally feel towards others.

The audio also contains my own voice recording of the chant YUM which is the cleansing mantra for the Heart Chakra. 

Wishing you great health. 

Paul Darren Grout