The Sacral Chakra supports our life force for creation, recreation, and procreation. However, when the energy center becomes blocked through emotional, mental, physical or spiritual disturbance we may feel overly emotional, or emotionally repressed. We can experience states of resistance about asking for what we need, and so not tending to our own desires. I have therefore, created a 5 minute Sacral Chakra Healing Music Video entitled The Spirit of Creativity available to watch below.

A free flowing Sacral Chakra (otherwise know as Svadhisthana in Sanskrit) will help us feel creative, passionate, sexual, outgoing, spontaneous, playful and open to change. By balancing this Chakra we can release toxic emotions that hold us back from creating what we want.

If you are unfamiliar with Chakras, these are energy portals in the human energy field that receive and transmit energy and act as gates through which our life force flows in and out of our physical bodies.

The video below has music, sounds and images to help energise and re-balance the Sacral Chakra energy centre. For example, the Svadhisthana responds to the element of water. The Sacral Chakra also opens and reacts to the Bija mantra VAM and vowel OOO. So I have added some of my own vocal recordings to the soundtrack.

I created the music composition “The Spirit of Creativity” by using a free flowing intuitive style of play in the musical key of D Major. Music in the key of D will assist the healing of negative emotions associated with being disconnected to this energy centre.

When you play the Sacral Chakra Healing Music Video (click on image below) maintain a connection to the energy center by holding your hands two inches below the navel area whilst imagining loving energy being received in this area. Focus your attention onto the orange symbol that floats in the center of the film whilst breathing in a gentle and natural rhythm.

Watch in high definition to best experience this video (5 minutes in length).


How I created this video

I captured the sea views shown in this movie by using my handheld Panasonic 4K Camcorder whilst I was on holiday in Wittering (England, West Sussex). Wittering has some amazing beautiful beaches with wonderful views of Chichester Harbour and the South Downs beyond. The natural and unspoilt sandy beaches seem to stretch for endless miles. If you look close to the furthest right of the sea you will get a glimpse of The Isle of Wright in the background. I recorded the music composition and vocals using Cubase and put the whole movie together by using Cyberlink Power Director software.

Download the music

You can download any of the music tracks shared on this website by visiting the website’s Music Shop.

I welcome your feedback for this Sacral Chakra Healing Music Video

I would be interested to know how you feel after watching the video. For example, did you experience any sensations or reactions to the VAM mantra and OOO vowel sounds?

I welcome any feedback within the comments box below and I look forward to responding to you.

Music and video created by Paul Grout. Copyright © 2017 ·· All Rights Reserved.

Please read the disclaimer available on this page.

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