If you are struggling from constant worry and anxiety here is an 8 minute video to help you move from a place of inner conflict to acceptance, peacefulness and greater confidence. This guided meditation for stress and anxiety relief incorporates a simple process intended for clearing self doubt and uncertainty whilst shifting the mind to re-focus onto positive outcomes.

The background music that supports the guided meditation aims to slow down the listener’s brain wave frequency to reach a deeper state of relaxation. The music and healing sounds also supports the opening of the Third Eye Chakra which is connected to clarity, concentration, imagination and intuition.

This is the first video that I have created where my voice provides the majority of the meditative guidance. So this has been another exciting project to create and share with you.

Ready to de-clutter the mind and feel calm? Play the video

Click on the below image to start the journey and enjoy.

Watch in high definition on a full screen.

Mobile phone: First play the video and then place your mobile phone into a landscape position for the full screen effect.

PC Desktop: Expand the screen by selecting the small white square located on the bottom right corner of the video. Use the white clog to adjust the HD playback setting if required. The highest HD setting you can use is 1080p.
Download the Mp3 for the Guided Meditation for Stress and Anxiety Relief

Download the Guided Meditation for Stress and Anxiety Relief MP3

You can download any of the music tracks shared on this website by visiting the website’s music shop.

Your valuable comments

I welcome any feedback you wish to share within the social area below. In particular, I would be interested to know how effective you found the video. I look forward to responding to you.

Music and video created by Paul Grout. Copyright © 2018 · Musicenergetics.net· All Rights Reserved. Please read the disclaimer available on the About Page.

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